pull the plug

pull the plug
prevent from happening or continuing

The government pulled the plug on spending

Hypernyms: ↑discontinue, ↑stop, ↑cease, ↑give up, ↑quit, ↑lay off
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s PP

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1. : to disconnect a medical life-support system
2. : to withdraw critical and especially financial support from an organization, undertaking, or person

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see pull
1) informal prevent something from happening or continuing

the company pulled the plug on the deal because it was not satisfied with the terms

2) informal remove (a patient) from life support

we'll be talking to people who pulled the plug on their mothers

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pull the plug
1 : to turn off the machine that is keeping a very sick or injured person alive and allow that person to die

Only his wife can decide to pull the plug.

2 : to allow or cause something to end by stopping the money or support that is needed for it
— usually + on

At the end of the season, the network is pulling the plug on the show.

They may pull the plug on the tutoring program.

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